Preservation: Egbo Collections

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Preservation is a blog that highlights young African entrepreneurs based throughout the Diaspora who utilize their art/craft to keep and shape different versions of African culture in contemporary societies. My name is omo pastor, and I am a storyteller of the African Diaspora. The purpose of this blog is to connect the world with artists […]

Balance: A Merge of Two Worlds

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Peace! ‘balance’ a piece on the African diaspora. there’s an essence about the African diaspora that is often ignored, or attempted to be buried. however, it is often said that ‘you cannot bury us’ because African people are seeds. we are the seeds that have been planted, and watered, throughout the soils of the Earth. […]

Artist Link Ups: Hameed Idowu

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TOP OF MY MATTER: HAMEED IDOWU New Face of AfroTrap? If you are looking for a correct Nigerian artiste that can mix Afrobeats and Trap music together, you are obligated to listen to Hameed. The man is dope. And he makes complete sense, asinnnnnn, gannn! Hameed Idowu, hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and currently lives in Maryland, […]

Urban Blues

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“Urban Blues” represents a portion of the “Black Boy Blues”, a series that discusses the delicacy of Black Men that focuses on Black men from different backgrounds modeling with flowers. “Urban Blues” focuses on the Black man from “the streets.” I met up with one of my young boys, who I had the pleasure of […]

Classic Blues

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“Classic Blues” highlights a portion of my series of “Black Boy Blues” who are more “preppy” dressed. For more info on the series, please click here. I met up with my friend/fellow photographer Seun aka Igwe. We hail you, baba! Igwe is a young man from Nigeria currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He is actually a […]

Black Boy Blues

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Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts from my own experiences not UNIVERSAL truths. As I get older, I start to get annoyed, hurt and tired of society’s gender roles. I am tired of being told and/or having conversations with people who tell me “oh, this is for this gender and that is for that gender.” […]