Urban Blues

“Urban Blues” represents a portion of the “Black Boy Blues”, a series that discusses the delicacy of Black Men that focuses on Black men from different backgrounds modeling with flowers. “Urban Blues” focuses on the Black man from “the streets.”

I met up with one of my young boys, who I had the pleasure of experiencing his growth over the years; my boy Nigel. The struggle with Nigel was more so getting him to answer the questions in depth simply because he was unsure of these answers himself, or so he said. I think this problem of not being able to answer certain questions that require one to be in tune with the Self is the point my series tries makes. Black men need to be more aware of their Self which requires them to be more open with their emotions. The interview was not all bad because I was able to get some answers out of Nigel, but it was a struggle which I believe derives from the struggle of dealing with emotions as a Black man.

For more info on the series, please click here.

Here are my favorite shots from the photoshoot with Nigel:

“Urban Cage” represents Nigel’s biggest fear that often can be a cage we trap ourselves in. His biggest fear is failure of not living a comfortable life; failure of not doing something that he loves as a job.

“Flower Shirt Grillz” represent the juxtaposition between the stereotype of those who wear grillz and those who adore flowers. It, also, represents Nigel’s thoughts on happiness. He says the things that make him happiest despite the pain that he may experience is family.

“Urban Boy Joy” represents Nigel’s thoughts on crying. He says he is able to cry in front of people that he cares about. He also says anything can make him cry especially getting hit, of course, it depends on how hard the impact is, figuratively and literally speaking.

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