“Fine Girl” over “My Love” – Wale

Disclaimer: This is in no way to discredit any style of music and no way to stop artists from being versatile because versatility is important, but it is more so to point out the fact that being versatile does not mean you need to lose yourself in the process.

Alright!!!!! My boy Wale Folarin dropped his latest album, SHINE, yesterday. Based on a first listen, the album is fire for what he did. He switched it up on us, and he did more of a hype album, and I like it!!!! Of course, Wale is Wale, so he gives us his poetic side at the end of the album with “DNA” and “Smile.” Personally, I love the fact that he reached out to different artists to bring different vibes such as J. Balvin on his track “Colombia Heights (Te Llamo)” to give a Reggaeton-Trap type of vibe. He, of course, went to Nigeria and put Olamide and Davido on his track “Fine Girl” to bring that Naija-Hip-hop vibe. He, also, made a track with Dua Lipa, Wizkid and Major Lazer on his track called “My Love” that has a Caribbean-pop type of feel to in. I can say that Wale did his thing on this Album, and I am loving ever part of it, but this is not to exactly break down the album, that one is coming later, but rather it is to compare the track with Wizkid to the track with Olamide and Davido since all three artists are well known for their Afrobeats-styled music.

Wizkid is on the track with Major Lazer, so I assume this track is a “dancehall” styled type of track which is cool, but for me, Wizkid doesn’t represent that style of music that well especially since that is not what got him where he is now. Don’t get me wrong the song is nice, but my problem with the song is with Wizkid, and the fact that he has lost himself… okay, maybe not 100%, but he is on the verge of losing himself. Personally, he could have done more with that chorus. Maybe I am expecting old Wizkid to come back at some point, but to me I wish he mixed some pidgin in there with it to represent his real style, or something.  I, personally, of seeing Wizkid featured on these American-based artists’ songs and hearing more of a dancehall style to it. It’s as if all he wants to do now is dancehall music instead of sticking to what truly got him his fame; he wants to be bringing mediocre stuff like this to our ears, and it’s not fair to us, who have been listening to Wizkid before when he could barely speak English. It’s insulting, and frustrating, to me.

It’s insulting, and frustrating, to me.

Wizkid’s Nigerian styled music is what I am missing. Judging from the backlash he got for his recent track with Drake, a great chunk of his fans is also missing it. It would be okay if he switched it up occasionally since as an artist it is imperative to dabble into different genres to prove your versatility, but this is all we been getting from Wizkid, especially whenever he is featured, or on a track with, an American-based artist. As he did with Drake on “Come Closer” which wasn’t even Drake’s song which gives him more creativity with the song, and he did the same of “One Dance” which we barely even heard him on. It’s makes me feel as if Wizkid doesn’t mind being used as a puppet just to reach a certain height of fame. Please, Wizkid, I am tired of it. Return home. Please. Old Wizkid’s music matters!

I say all of this because there were THREE Nigerian artists featured on Wale’s album that usually make Afrobeats music, and to me, “Fine Girl” with Olamide and Davido was better, in my opinion. More originality was on the track. Although it was not 100% Afrobeats-style based off the beat, but once since Davido and Olamide on there, I knew for sure they were going to bring that Naija style to it which I couldn’t say when I saw Wizkid’s name. In fact, I rolled my eyes when I saw his name because I wasn’t sure if we were getting Wizkid, or his clone.

Olamide!!! BADDOO! my respect for him can never diminish because, not only did he bring Naija on the beat, he even rapped in Yoruba as if to send the message that his loyalty to himself and his fans are much more important to the extent that he must give them Olamide no matter whose track, or album, he is on. That’s RESPECT! Olamide was given the opportunity as Wizkid to handle the chorus, and it is important to notice the difference between the two. Olamide made sure his sound was Olamide’s, and Wizkid made sure his clone showed up in the booth during the recording session. Shoot, even DAVIDO gave us DAVIDO; although, he mixed in some patois here and there, but nonetheless, I still felt Davido’s spirit in the song. And to me, that’s what makes a huge difference, and that simply tells fans who will, and who won’t, allow the money to change them.

Olamide and Davido, I hail you! Y’all brought the Yoruba flavor to Wale’s track that he needed, and, I believe, that he was going for. As for you, Wizkid, learn from your colleagues. Humble yourself, and remember how you got where you are. This dancehall thing you are doing is cool, but please, I am still waiting for Wizkid to show up on all these songs for once again. 

I am still waiting for Wizkid to show up on all these songs for once again.


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