Classic Blues

“Classic Blues” highlights a portion of my series of “Black Boy Blues” who are more “preppy” dressed. For more info on the series, please click here.

I met up with my friend/fellow photographer Seun aka Igwe. We hail you, baba! Igwe is a young man from Nigeria currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He is actually a very dope photographer, and I remember I asked him does he feel comfortable with flowers, and he told me he loved flowers. For some reason, I started to think, shoot, why is it a big deal for a man to love flowers? I actually think it is beautiful, and it defiles gender constructs.

Anyways, I asked Igwe for three emotions which I thought were captured interestingly because of the intimacy between him and the flower. I loved this shoot.

Here are my favorite shots from the session:

“Classic Fear” simply represents Igwe’s biggest fear which he says is failure in marriage, but as an African man living in America, it is coming all the way to this country and not making it.

“Classic Joy” represents what makes Igwe happy which is being in a room full of all the people he loves.

“Classic Tears” portray his views on crying. Igwe says he doesn’t cry in front of people unless he feels comfortable around them, but of course. he cries.

Check out his work on Instagram: @mrigwe.

Look out for more pictures with more black men.


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