BEEF: Religion v Me

I have major beef with religion. I hate religion. I love SPIRITUALITY, but I HATE religion, and the fact of the matter is being born and raised in ONE specific religion has literally scarred me for life. As in, it has traumatized my outlook on religion and all things associated with it .. well, except the faith and spirituality aspect. Growing up in a religious family as a Christian pastor’s daughter has played a major role in the colonization my mind. All I saw and heard was how Christianity is the RIGHT way of life to God. Pretty much denouncing other religions and beliefs and placing Christianity at the top of the pyramid. It is safe to say I do not agree with this with my whole heart only because my journey in this “Christian life” has been more of a messed up, caged “way of life” rather than a free and spiritual way of life. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in Jesus. I believe Jesus is God. I believe the teachings of Jesus in regards to being a more inclusive, loving individual of God, self, ALL humankind and nature.

So, now, if this is the true message from Jesus, then my question is why does a good chunk of Christians -whom I have come across- promote separation from others/non-believers? One famous Bible verse says “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2. Corinthians 6:14)  which has somehow become a very tricky verse to really understand. First, I never even got the full meaning of being unequally yoked; all I remember being told, when I was younger, is that as a Christian you cannot associate with the type of people that are NOT Christians because that is being unequally yoked. I remember slightly thinking Muslims were some of the worst people in history because of my ignorance to their religion and beliefs. I failed to question these teachings because questioning was frowned upon, or answered with “If it is in the Buble then it is true.” However, back to the verse, in my own interpretation of this verse, I am more so leaning towards not being yoked with spirits that do NOT match your own spirit. This verse has very little – probably nothing – to do with dealing with those of other religions, but it is more so talking about the spirits of individuals and being more conscious of people’s energy and not their religious group. I know for a fact that your spirit will NOT connect with all spirits, and I know for a fact the spiritual connection is NOT based off of a person’s religious identification card.

As I get older, and start meeting some really dope people, I realize that life is really bigger than the 1% a lot of us have been exposed to. It’s very important to read and research because if we stay in our bubble for ever, growth will never come our way. Religion has been a bubble for me for a very long time, and I never knew why certain things would frustrate me – especially the double standards in genders in religion, but that’s a topic for another day – ,but they did. Somehow, I stumbled upon a poem that taught me the importance and difference between religion and spirituality; the difference between JESUS and Christianity. This has been the hardest battle in my life, and I have struggled so much with it, and I am still struggling with it, but I feel we need to start teaching our youth and people to explore spirituality and connections before clinging to a label especially our BLACK/AFRICAN people. We need to stop the massive and toxic brainwashing of our generations when it comes to religion, politics, economics, gender, etc. A label means nothing. The truth is what one should seek for first. Oh, and we must keep in mind that everyone’s truth is NOT the same. What’s right for me, maybe wrong for you, and that is okay! God cannot be limited.


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